coaches2The game of basketball is continually growing in Canada. There are many media outlets and scouting websites now scouting talent from 9th grade. Aside from the collegiate coaches being present, the media outlets that will be present during camp will be: HoopsHype.ca, Ontario basketball Scouting Service, HoopstarsCanada.com and the CWOSSA BLOG. This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent 946563_581585125214969_463844260_nand BE NOTICED! Our staff prides itself on helping with this to ensure a place to play after your senior basketball career in high school. HoopsHype.ca is an outlet to 300 Division I, II, III institutions as well as ALL CIS programs in Canada.

adidasjamal_1We had 10 players nationally ranked from last year’s high school camp and now are on recruiting radars for CIS and NCAA schools that were unknown!  One who was ranked #1 in the country in years past with many more earning recognition. We were very proud of this but they put themselves in a position to get noticed.  The adidas Tri-City Top 40 Camp also helps players get on AAU teams for more exposure down in the United States to attain full NCAA scholarships. We will have AAU coaches present as well to help with exposure opportunities.

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