Our Commitment

The Junior Phenom Basketball Camp is a coed basketball camp for players who wish to improve their game and is for ALL skill levels on the court. The Phenom Camp has been one of the best development camps in the country to improve offensive and defensive tactics on the court individually. This program is a national renowned camp and has been a huge help to many players across the country. Each player receives a full-customized uniform along with socks and other basketball training aids. All apparel for this camp is provided and affiliated with adidas brand.

Our Training

Each day of camp is aimed to challenge players in a fun engaging environment for improvement. Our dedicated staff teaches on and off court leadership skills to players who attend and provide the necessary drills to improve after our event in the Phenom drill packet. Players participate in morning stations and drills to help with different facets of the game. In the afternoon, players are put into game situations to implement skills taught throughout camp therefore improving amongst peers and teammates. Each player will receive their own Phenom Player Progress Report, which has been a huge addition for tracking skill development and to improve overall game!

Phenom Staff

The Junior Phenom Camp staff is composed of professional coaches at the university, provincial and national team level. These coaches are highly trained to mentor and advise players on drills and skill development to enhance player’s individual games. Our phenom camp coaches strive to make this experience informative and engaging for our players who attend. We continue to have the finest leaders and teachers provincially and nationally throughout this amazing camp.


Halifax, NS. April 3rd-5th
Wolfville, NS. May 1st-3rd
St. John’s, NL. June 26th-28th
Kitchener, ON. July 13th-17th

Sydney, NS. July 22nd-24th
Halifax, NS. August 3rd-7th (Phase II)
Kitchener, ON. August 10th-14th (Phase II)
Greenwich, NS. September 20th-22nd (Phase II)

2018 Halifax Junior Phenom Camp