KITCHENER, ON–The energy in the gym last night, on day one of the Adidas Tri-City Top 40 camp was at an all time high. Forty ninth and tenth grade workhorses left it all on the floor in their first two controlled scrimmage games of the weekend. To start day two, campers will go to work in rotational stations that will be focusing on ball handling and learning different methods to create space between ball handler and defender.

Coaches could not ask for more in terms of enthusiasm, but what we look for on day two is a more high IQ environment. As we partake in our third journey around the country to discover and track new talent, we catch on to patterns from the ninth and tenth grade prospects. The anxiousness to get out in front of scouts and impress took over at times and it showed from multiple turnovers in short periods of time. There were a few prospects, who will be mentioned below, that were able to distinguish themselves from the pack by controlling the tempo of games and being effective without the ball in their hands.

Younger brother of 6’9 Corey Kenning, Jordan is one of the biggest kids at camp standing at 6’4 with a lengthy frame. He was able to stand out from the pack by showing a high understanding of the game and unselfishness that is rare at this level. Off ball screens, close outs and box outs are some things that he did away from the ball which in turn got high percentage shots for teammates and allowed him to grab a fair share of rebounds.

Adham Eleeda is a name we’re very familiar with. Regardless of the setting Eleeda has displayed a high degree of confidence in areas where it should be. If he were to match a tighter handle with his efficient shooting, he would make for one of the top guards in the class. He came out gunning and made shots from all over the floor, including strong takes to the hoop.

The massive improvements from Chris Poloniato were on display as he broke defenders down and forced help to come out at him. This 2017 guard put his full package on display by creating for his teammates and providing scoring versatility.

Ali Rashid beats defender to the rim

Ali Rashid’s handle on the rock and control of speed and direction puts him ahead of other guards in this camp. As he got comfortable with teammates his leadership qualities became evident. All of the coaches agreed at the end of day one that Rashid was the top PG so far.

Two more days are left for these young prospects to get their name among prospects on our national radar. #EarnYourStripes

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