I hereby acknowledge and agree that:

  • Basketball may expose participants to some risks and hazards, some of which are inherent in the very nature of basketball itself, others which result from human error and negligence on the part of the persons involved in preparing, organizing and staging the basketball.
  • As a result of the aforesaid risks and hazards, I as a participant may suffer serious personal injury, even death, as well as property loss;
  • Some of the aforesaid risks and hazards are foreseeable, but others are not;
  • I nevertheless FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL THE AFORESAID RISKS AND HAZARDS, and that, accordingly, my preparation for, and participation in basketball SHALL BE ENTIRELY AT MY OWN RISK;
  • I understand that neither All Canada Basketball Camps Corp./Junior Phenom Camp nor any of its directors, officers, employees, sponsors, independent contractors, members, players or agents assume any responsibility whatsoever for my safety during the course of my preparation for or participation in basketball;
  • I have carefully read this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK FORM, fully understand same, and acknowledge that I am freely and voluntarily executing this Form;
  • I clearly understand that [insert organization/association name(s)] would not permit me to participate in [insert sport or activity here] unless I signed this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK FORM, and that this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK FORM applies to basketball camp and that the terms of this Form and have been explained to me by All Canada Basketball Camps Corp. or one or more of their representatives and my parents.
  • I am physically capable of participating in basketball and that I have no pre-existing conditions that would hinder my ability to participate in this camp and the sport of basketball.
  • Cancellation Policy: ALL participants must cancel invitation or reservation 2 months prior to each event in order to receive a FULL refund of purchase. This includes: serious injury, family emergencies and/or any reason prohibiting attendance. Each reason will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Double booking and scheduling conflicts are not included. Refunds are permitted for CANCELLED events NOT POSTPONEMENT based on uncontrollable circumstances.